I usually enjoy hanging out with dear ones on Valentine’s Day but this year there are digital options to beat the social-distancing blues.

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I have always been a huge sucker for holidays and family get-togethers! The laughter, the ‘remember-the-time-when’ stories, the clinking of glasses, the gifts. There is something strangely intoxicating about playing a perfect hostess or a delightful guest. I have been known to turn up at events with the best or the worst of gifts. Yes, I have a warped sense of judgement when it comes to giving gifts. However, it is oddly satisfying to always end up being the topic of conversation.

I usually enjoy hanging out with dear ones on Valentine’s Day. I cook up a storm enough to…

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We live in an era of technological marvels. From self-driven electric cars, ‘hard-to-tackle’ virus vaccines to teams of high school students competing to design and drive first ever remote-control racers on lunar surfaces; the world of innovation seems to erupt exponentially with every blink of time. Just as technology creates opportunities for life, so is the need for an organization to be mindful of its impact on society and environment.

The times are such that an enterprise’s revenue is not the only key indicator of its success anymore. Growth is now defined by how responsible, ethical and digitally conscious an…

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I do not believe in ghosts or weird things living under my bed. Never seen one. Never felt one. Never believed in one. I am 12 for crying out loud! Those stories are for kids. Especially, to scare annoying little sisters, just like Lucy. She is 7 and she is silly. She has a stuttering problem, and it is irritating. No matter how much I try to work with her on her speech, nothing seems to help. My friend, John, suggested that sometimes scaring the living daylights out of people with speech problems, can cure them. Tried that. I ended…

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I have always hated travelling alone. I get bored. I get restless and then secretly start cursing my bad decision of travelling alone. Nonetheless, there are times when something mysterious comes out of such decisions.

I remember the day clear as sunshine. It was a sultry day in May. The year, well, I would wish not to date it. I was travelling back to New York after spending family time in India. As misfortune would have it, I missed my connecting flight. Again, you need a companion to bicker about such situations and travelling alone doesn’t really help.

My next…

SaaS Sales Operation Transformation
SaaS Sales Operation Transformation

Eat smaller portions more often. How many times have these “watch-your-diet” debates gone through your head while stuffing yourself with one more slice of that scrumptious pizza? More times than we’d like to admit!

Smaller portions mean more choices and greater control. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business models are no different. They are a smart way of delivering digital products to customers in a pay-per-use or subscription-based model. The SaaS industry has skyrocketed over the last couple of years with a predicted global revenue of 143.7 billion by 2022.

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